August 24, 2021

Top Facts About Tasmania That Will Make You Visit

Tasmania as a tourist destination has everything. It will surprise you at every turn, and make it more exciting. Whether that’s the walking tracks or the water on the island, everything stands out. The place is unique, exquisite, and offers a lot than what meets the eye. In addition to that, it also happens to have some golf courses and is also the home of the oldest golf course in the southern hemisphere. So, take some time to plan because you will never regret your decision of going to the island.

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Air quality on the island:

It goes without saying that the air quality on any island is better, however, Tasmania has recorded the lowest levels of harmful gases. The toxicity of the air was measured by the Cape Grim Air pollution that found the air to be much cleaner than the other places. However, this has more to do with the low population and the untouched landscape. It was followed by Iceland, Antarctica, and Hawaii.

Heritage Site:

It’s surprising to say that almost half of the island is a heritage site. This includes forest reserves, marine, and national parks. It’s full of wilderness and you will find it everywhere. In addition to that, it also has 2000KM walking tracks. You can see a lot in a one-day hike. It has some of the best, and excellent tracks that you can hike.


The island was used as a place to punish convicts from 1804-1853. So, in this case, you will see a lot of heritage sites as well as other remnants of the past that will give you an idea of the place’s history. There are mental asylums, open-air prisons, and historic houses to be entertained.

Flora and Fauna:

Tasmania is home to exquisite and exclusive flora and fauna. In addition to that, it is a place for many of the oldest species. Huon Pine is one such example that you must take a look at. In addition to that, thanks to the ecosystem, you can also witness exclusive animals like Pandemelon and Bettong.

Golf Courses:

If you are interested in Golf, then it has 69 golf courses that you can enjoy. On top of that, it also has walking tracks that you can hike as well as experience.

Cray Fish:

You will find the largest Crayfish on the island. It’s also known as the Tasmanian Giant Lobster that is 80cm and 5kg in weight. Those craving seafood will never miss this opportunity. The island is about the size of Ireland or Sri Lanka. The capital of the island Hobart is the second-largest city in Australia.


The island is considered the best location in matters of wine tourism. Thanks to the weather in Tasmania, it can produce excellent qualities of wine. 100 wineries offers profit to the country, and at the same time, an exquisite taste.


Mammals that lay eggs:

Tasmania is also the only place that is home to the only two mammals that lay eggs. Platypus and Echidna lay eggs, and are fed milk.

Katherine Hall
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