January 22, 2022

Tasmania; History and Culture

Tasmania is an exquisite touristy location for those looking for something extra. There are various kinds of landscapes that one can enjoy. It’s also home to rare species, pristine waters, and walking tracks that extend to hundreds of kilometres. Interestingly, the region has a unique history. It was a region that the British government used to send the convicts for punishment in the 19th century. The island depends on its natural beauty and the touristy audience that it attracted every year. In addition to that, there are golf courses and zoos that one can enjoy on a trip to the island.

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Tasmania is among the largest island on earth. It is surrounded by thousands of islands, however, the atmosphere in Tasmania has appealing features to attract anyone. The island was discovered in the 1600s by Abel Tasman. The explorer landed on Adventure Bay, however, the first settlement began in the 19th century. It’s equally important to mention that it started as a penal colony in 1803 where the convicts were sent by the British government as punishment from mainland Australia.

It was home to a variety of convict settlements and was known as Van Diemen’s land. These settlements included Macquarie harbor and Port Arthur. The latter being the harshest, and that can be explored even today. During the operation of the place as a penal colony, in the years expanding from 1803-53, more than 70,000 convicts were transferred from mainland Australia to the island. This makes it the largest of the time.

Official State of Australia:

The colony operates as a jailhouse to host the convicts from Australia, and it took a while to officiate the island as governing body of the British empire. It was in 1856 that the name of Van Diemen’s was changed to Tasmania, and it became a governing offshoot of the empire. Following this, the island became the official state of Australia in 1901, hence, the new rules were brought in to integrate it with the mainland.

The federation led to the economic growth of the island. In this regard, the most contributing industries were logging, mining, and wool. It also offered employment to a lot of people – increasing jobs and economy. In addition to that, at the beginning of the 20th century, the island became to generate wind power, increase in employment, and finally started gaining momentum in the tourism industry. However, it has also become the news of the isolated controversies. In one of the incidents, a massacre at Port Arthur brought the island in the news.



Tasmania has a thriving economy, and the local government has taken every strep to ensure that the tourists find the place appealing. In this regard, there are a lot of cultural, sporting, and musical events to entice the moods. The island is also home to one of the finest wineries in the country. The seafood is excellent, and the flora and fauns will give you something to cherish.


Tasmania is a unique location. It offers a better touristy location with a twist of history as well as a culture that you won’t afford to miss.

Katherine Hall
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