December 25, 2021

How is Tasmania Different Than the Rest of Australia?

There is not much of a difference between Australia and Tasmania, except for the lifestyle. Simply put, you would find everything that you associate with the country, but at the same time, the island has its unique features as well. There are exquisite beaches, breath-taking landscapes, buildings, farmlands, and above all, generous people. However, there is something that you will find exclusive to the island. It has cleaner air, pristine waters, and pollution levels are lower than in mainland Australia.

The climate is colder, and the place is smaller. In addition to that, the place is relatively safer than the mainland. This can be attributed to its small size and lesser number of people living in the region. If you can call them cities, then they are smaller, and cleaner as well. Even if you step into a town or a market, you will find them much safer and quieter.


The island was founded in 1803. The interesting part about the place is that it was settled, so in simple words, people didn’t come here. However, it was settled by the British empire that sent the convicts from mainland Australia for punishment on the island. In this case, it ‘s home to various heritage buildings and open-air prisons. The government sent thousands of convicts between 1803 to 53 for punishment. This later became the settlement and led to the rise in the population of the island.


The city:

Hobart can’t be compared to the other cities of the country. For a start, it’s the smallest, however, in terms of air quality, it’s clear. The pollution is less, and the people are friendly. That being said,k the island’s history is fascinating, to say the least. In addition to that, Tasmania is home to the rarest finest species of flora and fauna. It has a unique ecosystem and is also home to one of the oldest golf courses in the southern hemisphere. Besides that, it’s the closest to the equator. It has a temperate rainforest as well that in comparison to the mainland is unique.


There is nothing to worry about the traffic jams as there is a lesser number of cars on the road that makes it an excellent choice to stay away from the pollution of the mainland. In addition to that, the prices of the houses are lesser. Simply put, you can own a house for 500K. On top of that, the generous people living around you will make it worth it.


Almost half of the island is considered a heritage site. There are forest reserves, marine, natural parks, and buildings that will give you an idea of its history. You can appreciate modern art, and at the same time, relish the remnants of the past. Walk down the island, and you will see a lot of history staring at you.


Tasmania as a tourist destination offers exclusivity as well as an exquisite experience. This is incomparable to the other states of Australia.

Katherine Hall
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